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We all love the convenience of shopping online but very often:

  • You want to get a product immediately and can't wait for delivery
  • You are never at home for delivery of online orders
  • You don't want to pay the cost of delivery
  • You prefer to see and touch the product before purchase
  • You would like to get advice from a good in-store sales person
  • You have more confidence about the after-sales policy in a local shop
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However not everyone has time to scout around the shops!
With PutBuy:
  • You can check in-store stock availability and other product information online. You can do this at home or at work or on-the-go.
  • You can put by items online for collection in-store. This gives peace of mind that a low-stock item is held for you.
  • You can pay by card or cash when you visit the shop to collect your purchases.
  • You will discover conveniently-located shops that stock the products you want which you may never have visited before.
  • You will free up more time in your busy lifestyle to manage the demands of family and work.
  • You will have more time to socialise with your friends downtown and share shopping conquests.
  • You will make savings on home delivery costs.
  • You can research the availability of products at your next week-end break or holiday destination.