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What do shoppers expect ?

Independent research shows that the top three influencers of consumer purchase decisions in high street shops are:
  1. Competitive pricing
  2. The right product selection and
  3. Good customer service

Did you know that ?

  • "The product you want is out of stock" is the most disliked in-store experience on the high street
  • 33% of consumers who can't find a product in-store go home and shop online
  • 90% of consumers would use real-time product availability information to influence how they shop

How can PutBuy help your business ?

We market the availability of products in your store(s) to consumers who are actively looking to buy. We do this by uploading inventory data relating to your physical store(s) and displaying product search results to users of smartphones and personal computers/tablets. Our solution also enables the shopper to put by a product online and collect it in your shop using our innovative in-store retailer app.

The benefits of our service for your business include:

  • Increased sales because consumers find what they want
  • Attracts consumers back into high street shops where skilled sales staff can up-sell and cross-sell
  • In-store collection of put by products overcomes problems of failed home deliveries
  • Giving shoppers the chance to try the purchased goods in-store may also avoid costly returns handling
  • A 'mobile friendly' digital shop window for no capital spend
  • Complements your existing website or app
  • Access to consumer 'product search' data analytics
  • Quick and easy service set-up with little in-house effort
  • Attractive pricing that makes more cost-effective use of your existing marketing budgets